Actress Dorcas Fapson Recovers Stolen Range Rover

Nollywood actress and Disc Jockey Dorcas Shola Fapson is excited to recover her stolen SUV.

The actress has taken to social media to announce the good news about her stolen SUV.
According to her, the Range Rover Jeep was recovered in Niger by the Nigerian Police. Her former driver, Adamu Ahmed who stole the jeep passed it to another person in the north and asked him to sell it.
The car was then stolen by his trusted aid who was to sell it for him in Niger. But the quick intervention of the police, IRT department prevented the dare devils from carrying out their obnoxious act.
The jeep was eventually recovered but the actress spent a lot of money in the process. She thanked the police and stated that the thief is still at large and a monetary reward is available to the person who finds him or know his whereabout.
Recall that the beautiful actress cried out last year few months after she purchased the Range Rover Jeep. She employed a driver through an agency who made away with the jeep.
The driver registered with fake documents before absconding with the jeep.

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