Nollywood practitioners reprimand House of Reps over blaming ritual killings on industry

The duo of Nollywood practitioners, Yul Edochie and Victor Okhai, have responded to the House of Representatives, after it blamed Nollywood for the rising rate of ritual killings in the country.

According to Edochie, he started hearing about ritual killings when he was a child and Nollywood was not in existence then. He stated that hunger and poverty are responsible for the menace.

He revealed that Nollywood, only depict what happens in the society. He stated further that Nigerians are wallowing in poverty. He told the lawmakers that fixing the country would reduce the rate of crimes in the society. He further stated that Nollywood should not be blamed for the problem of Nigeria.

The National President of Directors Guild of Nigeria, Victor Okhai, also reprimanded the lawmakers. According to him, the allegations levelled against Nollywood by the House of Representatives is laughable.

He stressed that the Media through Television, Newspapers and Radio, often report about ritual killings, but that does not make them responsible for the act.

He accused the House of Representatives members of being responsible for the woes of the country.

He stressed that the lawmakers contribute to the problem of the country, anytime they compromise in their duties, anytime they fail to enact law and anytime they share loots in the house.

Recall that the House of Representatives pointed accusing fingers at the movie industry. It blamed Nollywood for the rising rate of ritual killings and called on stakeholders to initiate campaigns towards changing the situation.

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