BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion: A recap of week 2

It’s been another exciting week on the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem reunion show.

As fans look forward to the start of the fifth season of what is unarguably the biggest reality TV show out of Africa, the ‘Pepper Dem’ housemates from last season have reunited to look back at their stay in the house on the hottest reunion show yet.

This week, they got to hash out their different issues and call people out on their bad habits. Here are some of the juicy highlights from the super dramatic week.

The Ella vs Ike vs Mercy triangle

Ella, Mercy and Ike discussed their relationships and the love triangle in the house. Ella accepted that she liked Ike whilst she was in the house and may have actively chased him. This rubbed off on Mercy the wrong way as she believed Ella was two-timing, because she knew that she and Ike had something going on. Ike cleared all misconceptions about why there had been a triangle in the first place. He alleged that Mercy had given him the go-ahead to chase other people because she told him that she wasn’t in the house to get into a relationship.

Betrayals, disloyalty and pretense

This week, the housemates got to call out other people they believed to be gossips, betrayers and pretends. First, they trashed out the issue of who the biggest gossip was, and it came down to Jackye and Khafi.

Next, they discussed talks between friends, citing Tacha and Ike’s friendship and how they talked about Mercy. Mercy then stated that she believes their friendship is disrespectful to her probably because she and Tacha are not friends.

Soon, Ella was at the centre of the discussion with Venita labeling her bi-polar. Talks about begging for funds for her sick mother and misappropriating those funds soon ran amok and left Ella in tears.

Hashing out differences

Seyi and Thelma got a chance to settle their differences once and for all. Seyi apologised for dragging Thelma’s late brother into a silly fight in the house and Thelma forgave him. Then, Mercy and Omashola also got down to the nitty-gritty of their biggest fight in the house. It ended in the loudest round of arguments during this reunion and a very sweet apology from Omashola.

The first set of evictees and the chip on Kim Oprah’s shoulders

In the final episode for the week, the first set of housemates evicted shared how they felt about leaving the show early. Avala and Jeff dealt with the issues they had around her eviction with Jeff apologising for not giving her his coins as he promised. Meanwhile, Tuoyo talked about the disappointment he felt when he got evicted and later found out that Tacha and Seyi were sent to a secret room.

Avala and Isilomo also talked about Kim Oprah’s behaviour in the house and her relationship with other girls. They both believed that she thought she was better than the other girls and acted accordingly. Kim Oprah explained that she found it easier to be friends with the guys than the girls because she has a history of girls stabbing her in the back.

The BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion continues next week at 10 pm on Africa Magic Urban and 10:30 on Africa Magic Family, Mondays to Thursdays. Catch repeats at 6:30pm on Africa Magic Urban and at 11am on Africa Magic Family, Mondays to Fridays.

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