Cross River community lament incessant kidnap of residents

Residents of Lemna community in Calabar Municipality in Cross River State have raised the alarm over armed robbery and incessant kidnapping of their members in recent times.

Lemna is a beach community which hosts the state water board water treatment plant as well as concentration of dump sites which stench poses terrible health threats.

Last month, at least six persons, including two women were reportedly kidnapped and taken out through the waterway in a speed boat. After alleged payments of ransom, three have been released by their abductors.

The residents have therefore called on the state government to establish heavy security presence, site a security post and marine police patrol along its waterways.

Some residents have expressed gratitude towards members of the community for taking up the responsibility of securing the area through vigilantes but suggested that more can be done to keep the community safe.

Speaking on behalf of other community stakeholders, a youth leader, Akpan Ephraim said “The waterways are porous and they come in regularly through such places. The beach of course is a busy place, suspected kidnappers lurk around and infiltrate our community which they claim rich people stay here.

“We call on the state government and security agencies to establish their presence here because our lives are at risk.

“The gangs that kidnapped our other members last month have sent threats that they will still come back for more persons.

“We need marine police as well as the police to come the beach and the dump sites,” he said.

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