Kayode Alfred’s The Aristocrat to launch 2020 Green with envy collections

Kayode Alfred’s fashion line, The Aristocrat, is set to launch the Green with envy collections ahead of the kick-off of summer.

The Aristocrat’s splashes of the ordinary and the extraordinary, one to pamper clientele and another to improve their tastes has berthed The Green With Envy Collections.

With the launch very imminent, the plan is to harmonise the company’s anniversary with the new development.

Thus, with the new collections, customers will now be able to access Aristocrat Clothings across Nigeria and even in Ghana, especially via the company’s partner, Twice as Nice.

The 2020 Green With Envy Collections is just a new phase in the advancement of Aristocrat clothing and the business goals of Kayode Alfred.

The development is also primed towards reaching far beyond the African continent. In a little while, folks from America and London—and indeed all of Europe—will be able to walk down their respective blocks and buy the signature Aristocrat casual wears and face-caps from Aristocrat clothing stores.

To say that the journalist-turned-fashion merchant is extraordinary is to downplay matters. Whenever asked, the genius of penmanship and refinement always deflects the praises and encomium to God, to an awesome crew, and a mission to see simplicity and elegance at the height of clothing and fashioning.

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