Bishop Kwakpovwe and wife celebrate 20th wedding anniversary

On June 30th, 2020, Bishop and publisher of the popular and leading Christian devotional, “OUR DAILY MANNA”, Chris Kwakpovwe celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife, Rev Mrs. Flora Kwapovwe.

Speaking on what marriage means to him, the trained Pharmacist cum man of God said, “marriage is the union of a man and a woman joined by god not man. However, not all marriages are joined by God. Some are joined by men via wrong choices. Some are even joined by occultic love portions, etc by the grace of God and via the ODM – Our Daily Manna – mission worldwide, I have seen hundreds confess that they actually used charms to marry their spouses. As I am led we have to use prayers to break such charms but I cannot reveal what happened to such marriages after such prophetic prayer encounters. Some things are ministerial secrets I cannot reveal on social media“.

Speaking further on what has kept his union going, Bishop Chris said, “Papa God has kept us going and most importantly, marriage is work by both parties. Getting married to a man of God may be hard because he may have to resort to his God sometimes for decisions. Can you explain why Abraham did not inform Sarah that he was going to sacrifice Isaac? not all decisions are taken on the marital bed. Some are taken in a secret place with god. so it takes a woman who understands spiritual principles to be able to marry a called man. not just a churchman because not all pastors or ministers are truly called. Only God can judge that” he said.

Having been married for over 20 years, Bishop Chris offers some marital advice to people saying, “marry your friend; don’t marry anybody just because they are Christian sisters or brothers. marry your friend. Being a Christian is a crucial factor but not the only factor. Marriage is a marathon and not a 100 meters short race. marry your friend“.

He also described his wife in glowing terms saying, “She’s a woman that can tolerate me and my “25 hours” a day busy lifestyle. To celebrate this landmark occasion, I’ll be teaching young ones the right facts about happy marriage, secrets and how to cope with marital accidents/injuries based on the word of god and not on the church- man-made doctrines life happens! we are not perfect but we can win“.

About divorce, Bishop Chris said, “yes life happens and nobody is above a mistake, but we or the Bible don’t encourage divorce. however, marriage is not a life sentence. there are very clear but few exceptional and allowed cases from the word of god. The church has failed to teach on life after divorce because many pastors are either ignorant on that subject or they are afraid to step on toes who have taught wrong marital church and man- created doctrines for years. questions like “how to cope as a single mum or dad”, can I re-marry? etc, these are the areas we have been helping millions worldwide. if your church or friends threw you out because of a divorce or being a single mum, etc, contact us via whatsapp. but always remember that whether single, married, divorced or remarried, our goal is heaven at last in line with the written, undiluted, and unbreakable word of god. always remember too that a knockdown is not a knockout. contact us“.

He went on to say, “the church has helped stabilize the marriage institution, but there are alot of populist but very wrong church-man- made doctrines (not the word of god) still here and there that have kept millions in severe and “wicked” martial bondages’.

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