Lagos Motor Boat Club: Atake, Sen Ogunbanjo, Jide Coker fight dirty

All is not well in the elite club, Lagos Motor Boat Club following Babajide Coker’s intention to run for an elevated position in the club.

According to reports, the disagreement among several members of the boat club is threatening to rip apart the peace and harmony that club members have experienced for a long time.

Fingered in the current tide rocking the Lagos Motor Boat Club are Eyimofe Atake, Senator Tokunbo Ogunbanjo, Lanre Towry Coker, Prince Francis Awogboro, Demola Akinrele, Yinka Akinkugbe, and Ladi Ajose-Adeogun.
Information revealed that the current tide rocking the boat club is largely a result of the club’s hierarchy and personal interests.

Coker’s ambition to become a Trustee resulted in the current battle between his supporters and those against him.
On Coker’s corner are Towry Coker, Ogunbanjo, Ajose-Adeogun, and Akinkugbe while against Coker’s ambition are Awogboro, Akinrele, and Atake.

There are many sides to the story, but the basic narrative is that Jide Coker vied for the Trustee position, but had his name erased from the list by Prince Francis Awogboro, who – alongside a few influential others – believed that Coker had ‘unorthodox’ ideas and was therefore not fit for the position.

Trustee members, Senator Tokunbo Ogunbanjo and Dr. Lanre Towry-Coker, especially, did not take it kindly with Awogboro and those who sympathised with his position on Jide Coker.

Ogunbanjo allegedly called Awogboro unflattering names and extended the same hand of ’fellowship’ to those that were against Coker.

Ogunbajo was suspended alongside Towry-Coker and Coker.

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