Lagos State Government Commits to Water Security and Sustainability on World Water Day

Honourable Commissioner of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tokunbo Wahab, delivered a powerful message on the occasion of World Water Day 2024, emphasizing the theme of “Water for Peace” and the critical role of water in fostering cooperation and understanding among communities.

Addressing a gathering of stakeholders and partners in the water sector, Mr. Wahab highlighted the significance of water as not only essential for life but also as a unifying force that can bridge divides and promote peace.

He stressed the importance of inclusivity and equity in ensuring universal access to clean water, regardless of background or circumstances, as a means to reduce conflicts and promote social harmony.

The Commissioner commended the recently approved Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Policy as a key framework for achieving water security and sustainability in Lagos State. This policy outlines comprehensive strategies for water management, conservation, pollution prevention, and equitable distribution, reflecting the government’s commitment to leaving no one behind in the quest for water security and peace.

Mr. Wahab also highlighted the ongoing Lagos Urban WASH program, supported by USAID, as a testament to the government’s efforts to improve water infrastructure, sanitation services, and community empowerment in urban areas. Through innovative interventions and partnerships, the program aims to enhance the quality of life for urban residents while promoting resilience and social cohesion in cities.

Furthermore, the Commissioner shared updates on the activities of LUWASH in supporting various water sector MDAs, including the rehabilitation of Micro/Mini water works for Lagos Water Corporation and capacity building for the Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission. These initiatives demonstrate the government’s commitment to enhancing water services and management across the state.

In closing, Mr. Tokunbo Wahab called for collective action and collaboration across borders and sectors to ensure that water remains a source of unity and prosperity for all. By working together towards a common goal of sustainable water management, stakeholders can create a more peaceful and prosperous future for the residents of Lagos State.

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