Music Time! is the new streaming platform from MTN

A new music streaming platform from MTN Nigeria has launched and it’s MusicTime!

The telco recently announced the launch of its music-streaming platform, which allows passionate music lovers to choose from millions of songs available across the globe. 

Making the announcement, the Chief Operating Officer of MTN Nigeria, Mazen Mroue said, “MTN Nigeria is proud to launch yet another service that is focused on customer satisfaction and digital inclusion. We know that music is a big part of the Nigerian culture, and in recent times, we have seen talented Nigerians take the world by storm through the fantastic music they create. MusicTime! is a platform that ensures  accessibility to these great Nigerian and African music across the world.” 

He went further by saying, “We are creating the right channels and ecosystems that will help Nigerians create, play and share their boundless creativity with the rest of the world without limitations or barriers. By providing an avenue for local musicians to stream their music to a global audience while still maintaining a strong local bond, MusicTime! will complement the efforts of the government in the actualisation of its local musical content drive.” 

Here’s all you need to know about MusicTime!

Developed in partnership with Simfy Africa, MusicTime! is a fascinating music streaming service, which offers the best listening experience in local and international music.

The platform allows you to enjoy music the way you want it, how you want it and when you want it.

The MusicTime! Interface allows you to easily search playlists, trending music, share a personal playlist with friends and even pause the music to return to it later. 

MusicTime! gives free 60 minutes’ worth of streaming after download. 

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