NGO petitions UK House Of Lords over abuse of Africans in China

Dr. Martins Abhulimhen, President Love Africans Organisation recently met with Former International Criminal Court (ICC), President Professor Sang-Hyun Song to discuss Africans Abuse in China and submit a petition to UK House of Lords, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and all African Countries’ Ambassadors in the UK, a statement issued by the organisation said.

The group alleged that China’s racism is wrecking its success in Africa even as it cited the expulsion of Africans from their homes in southern China, claiming it is causing a diplomatic storm especially relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We call on the Chinese government to end the discriminatory treatment of Africans in China and demand the authorities should also protect Africans and people of African descent throughout China from discrimination in healthcare, employment, housing, and other entities,” Abhulimhen said.

On April 12, 2020, Chinese authorities in the southern city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, which has China’s largest African community, began a campaign to forcibly test Africans for the coronavirus, and ordered them to self-isolate or to quarantine in designated hotels. Landlords then evicted African residents, forcing many to sleep on the street. Hotels, shops, and restaurants refused African customers. No other foreign groups have been subjected to similar treatment.

Chinese authorities claim ‘zero tolerance’ for discrimination but what they are doing to Africans in Guangzhou is a textbook case of just that,” said Yaqiu Wang, Chinese researcher at Human Rights Watch adding, “Beijing should immediately investigate and hold accountable all officials and others responsible for the discriminatory treatment.”

Love Africans Organisation according to Abhulimhen has investigated reports of Chinese police and local officials’ harassment and treatment to our fellow Africans such as forceful evictions from their homes and turned away from hospitals and restaurants.

Despite positive responses from African Ambassadors in the UK, we hope to take this to the UK House of Lords Parliament, All African Countries Ambassadors in the United Kingdom and the ICC to discuss this inhumane treatment of Africans in China. We talk the talk and walk the walk, so let us change the narrative of how Africans are treated in China or any part of the world, it is time to step up for our vulnerable brothers and sisters who are voiceless.”

Love Africans Organization is a non-governmental organization registered in the UK, that is passionately involved in providing care and support to vulnerable Africans around the world and provide for them economic empowerment.

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