Ultimate Love: 10 latest couple and their official nicknames unveiled

One week after kicking off a new love reality TV show, ‘Ultimate Love,’ the 20 love guests have been paired.

On Sunday, February 16, the organisers of the show decided to switch up the emotions by pairing the participants known as love guests.

While Aunty arrived at some pairings following her discussion with the love guests earlier in the week, other love guests found a way to pair themselves or face possible eviction referred to as Checkout.

Here are the 10 latest couple and their official nicknames 

1. JayKech

Nkechi and Jay were paired and the two love guests seem to enjoy the organisers’ matching. The two were among the newly paired partners in the house known as ‘Love Pad’. The two revealed their official name as #JayKech.

2. MiCherry

Michael and Cherry are another pair that were matched. The two love guests have been showing feelings towards each other and when their affair was made official, it was greeted with joy from both contestants. They came out with the name, #MiCherry.  

3. BolAr

Bola and Arnold were the first pair to be announced to viewers at the live show. Their announcement had their fans displaying satisfaction and joy. The two didn’t waste time in enjoying their company before announcing their official name as #BolAr.


4. ObiEbi

Ebiteinye and Obichukwu also got paired and they seemed happy about their match. After the announcement of their names as a pair, Obi and Ebi kept holding hands till the end of the live show. The chubby couple decided to go with the name, #ObiEbi. 

5. IykeResa

Theresa and Iyke were also paired together and they love the decision. The pair have remained inseparable in the last few days and they seem to be hitting it right. However, Theresa told Iyke that Kachi has his eyes on her. She went further to tell him that Kachi came out bold to tell her that he’s into her and she abandoned her for Iyke. The lovebirds announced their official name as #IykeResa.

6. PreshDavid

Presh Talker and David Wilson were also paired together and they opted for the name, #PreshDavid. The relationship might be rough because David Wilson is stuck between Presh Talker and Rosie. Rosie was already developing feelings for David, who was happy to have been paired with Presh. Though Presh didn’t look pleased with the pairing, she followed through. 

7. JerVia

Jerry and Sylvia were paired together and they went for the name, #JerVia. The two were two of the four new entrants who joined the show on February 14. Jerry and Sylvia don’t seem so much into each other and viewers are unsure if they make a couple but it is believed nothing can be spared in reality shows.


8. Jelo

Jenny Koko and Louis were paired together and they go by the name #Jelo. The pair were happy about their matching and they have continued with the flow of events in the house. They are one of the pair fans are rooting for.

9. Roksie

Rosie was left to her fate when David Wilson was announced as the matching half to the #PreshDavid pair. She couldn’t control her emotions as she wondered why David was paired with Presh. She could not hide her displeasure but she decided to move on by pairing with Kachi, who moved close to her and hoped they can at least form a bond.

10. ChrisUch

#ChrisUch are the least enthusiastic partners in the house. The eloquent Chris and Uche are no fans of one another and they both don’t hide it. They weren’t paired but had to be with each other or be checked out of the Love Pad. The two couldn’t hide their reservations for each other till the end of the live show. They ended up getting into a mild disagreement after they failed to agree on the couples to be put up for eviction.

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