We are on course to unravel mystery behind Ikoyi collapsed building – Tribunal

The Tribunal of inquiry set up to look into the collapse of 21-storey building in Ikoyi on Monday said it is on course to unravel the mystery behind the collapse of the massive edifice which killed about 45 people.

Chairman of the tribunal, Toyin Ayinde said at a news conference in Ikoyi  that the tribunal had so far visited the site of the collapse on Friday, 5th November, for a general assessment of the rescue operations, and to determine areas where expert consultants’ services would be required.

He said the tribunal also visited the General Hospital, Broad Street to interview some of the survivors who could offer some eyewitness accounts, as well as engaging the services of consultant building materials testing laboratory and engaging the services of a consultant Land Surveyor to conduct verticality tests on the remaining structures within the premises of the collapsed building.

Ayinde  added that the tribunal had also written to relevant Government MDA’s to request for all files and documentation relating to the collapsed building, as well as writing to all consultants and developer/contractors associated with the project on 44 B,C,D Gerrard Road, Ikoyi.

He disclosed that the tribunal had listed more than 30 stakeholders relevant to the construction industry and the collapsed building, whose views, position papers and recommendations would be received and considered.

“The Tribunal would like to state that some documents have been received from some government MDA’s and members have started studying them. We have also interviewed some of the LASG staff in the relevant MDA’s.

We, however, appeal to members of the public, professional bodies and construction industry stakeholders, as well as individuals who have useful information and invite them to submit memoranda which have direct bearing on the particular issue being investigated, as well as their recommendations to prevent future occurrence,” he said.

Ayinde stated that the Tribunal began formal interviews with witnesses from Tuesday, 16th November, 2021 in order to identify the roles played in the activities that led to the collapse of the building, and received the report from the consultants who conducted verticality tests on the remaining structures standing in the premises of the collapsed building.

“The results of the tests on the construction materials are still being awaited. The interviews conducted have been recorded for the purpose of record-keeping, and the Tribunal would meet as many as are willing to present credible and factual statements, with evidence(s), relating to the collapse,” he said.

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